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Tree Pruning in Millersville, MD

Elevate your landscape's appearance when you choose tree pruning and removal services from Benfield Tree Service in Millersville, Maryland. Our experts will help keep your trees healthy and beautiful while keeping your land safe.

Tree Pruning

All trees should occasionally be pruned and this service should be performed by experienced tree service professionals. This helps detect cracks, cavities, splits, or other conditions that can be harmful to the tree or dangerous to your land. Worse, a tree that is pruned incorrectly can cause severe, long-lasting damage to your tree. That's why our company ensures your tree is pruned with the highest level of expertise.

Tree Removal

Regardless of its size or condition, our experts can safely remove a tree. This includes dead and living trees as well as fallen trees and tightly spaced trees. We have the experience and equipment needed to get job done right, including cranes, bucket trucks, chippers, and stump grinders.

Our Service Includes

  • Tree Cabling for Safety
  • Bracing for Support
  • Dead Wooding to Maintain Vigor
  • Disease Treatment to Maintain Health

Stump Grinding and Removal

Keep your land clean and clear of unsightly stumps. We grind 12 to 14 inches below the stump to leave enough room for topsoil and seed.

Emergency Storm Damage Repair

Mother Nature can wreak havoc on trees. Fortunately, our experts can be are there in a hurry to assist with any fallen or damaged trees. We can also clear your property of damaged or fallen trees.
Remember, trees that have fallen onto power lines can be very dangerous. Do not touch! Let the professionals at Benfield Tree Service handle these.
Contact us in Millersville, Maryland, for your tree pruning and removal services.